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CooperConnect CooperVision Employee Magazine Q4 2017 Edition Three-Year Study Data Presented at BCLA; CooperVision President Dan McBride Reflects on Impact MiSight® 1 day creative for Europe an McBride doesn't hide his enthusiasm for one of the company's more recent developments. "MiSight ® is truly a multi-billion-dollar opportunity for the business. What's more exciting is that it's a chance to take contact lenses out of just vision correction, and into a therapy that improves people's lives." Now available in select Asia Pacific and European markets, MiSight ® is the world's first one-day soft contact lens clinically proven to substantially slow the progression of myopia in children. A recent three-year clinical study and new eye care professional-focused marketing are turning heads and winning advocates. D The Incredible Potential of MiSight ® : Changing Lives and Elevating Eye Care REfEREncES: 1. chamberlain P, Back A, Lazon P, et al. 3 year effectiveness of a dual-focus 1 day soft contact lens for myopia control. Presented at the 40th British contact Lens Association clinical conference and Exhibition; 10 June 2017; Liverpool United Kingdom. * compared with a standard single-vision, one-day lens over a three-year period

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